Jin and Shari oh my

This will be a simple blog post, more so a photo essay than anything else. I have officially moved to California and been residing here at Boons for a little under a week now. Between getting adjusted to the time change and copious work schedule I have had little time for blogging or social media.

While weeding the trees this morning I took a small break to capture some of the magnificent deadwood scattered throughout the garden. Now onto the photos…


Now back to work, as time goes by and my skill level progress you can expect to see a bit more “exciting” content here on the blog. Thanks for reading.

Until next time.

8 thoughts on “Jin and Shari oh my

  1. Boon is extremely fortunate to have Kaya.
    I know that he will be the dedicated, hard working and valuable apprentice
    Boon is expecting.
    He has a great future with his love for his craft….and has set out on the first step
    in the journey to become a great master of the art he loves.
    I am so proud of my “adopted Grandson” Kaya…


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